Play original Crazy Taxi songs on PSP Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars


I have played a lot of Crazy Taxi and nothing screams Crazy Taxi like hearing “All I Want” by The Offspring.  So I was surprised when I picked up a copy of Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars and I heard the most unimpressive soundtrack.  I thought I was stuck listening to this while playing one of my favorite games, but thankfully there is a solution.

In Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars you have the ability to create your own custom soundtrack that will replace that new soundtrack.  All you have to do is connect your PSP to the computer and create a folder MUSIC under the root directory (You should see the folder: PSP under the root directory) .

Then, drag and drop the original tracks (.mp3 preferred) to the MUSIC folder that you have just created.

This is the list of original Crazy Taxi songs:

  • “Way down the Line” – Offspring
  • “Americana”                  – Offspring
  • “All I want”                     – Offspring
  • “Ten in 2010”               – Bad Religion
  • “Them and US”            – Bad Religion
  • “Heart It”                        – Bad Religion
  • “Inner Logic”                 – Bad Religion

Now you have to enable the custom soundtrack:

  1. Enter Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars.
  2. Press start when the title screen appears.
  3. Choose either Crazy Taxi or Crazy Taxi 2.
  4. Press Start when the title screen appears
  5. Scroll down to options and press x.
  6. Scroll down to Custom Music and Switch the Option to “ON”

If the custom music option is “INACTIVE,” make sure you have the folder MUSIC in the root directory with .mp3 tracks inside (The folder PSP/MUSIC will not work to create a custom soundtrack for this game) .

Now you can play the game the way it was meant to be played, with the greatest hits from The Offspring and Bad Religion.


2 responses to “Play original Crazy Taxi songs on PSP Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

  1. Great tutorial! Well explained!

  2. Thank you

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